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Our goal is to provide excellent customer experience by ensuring 100% satisfaction which transcends to efficient delivery. We are passionate about what we do because success for our clients is success for us too.

With our passion for Technology, Education, Mobile & Web App development and Value Added Services – that make Global Impact. We are best positioned to meet your needs. Discover our top-notch services for everything Project Management and ICT.

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Our Mission

At InfoMall, we apply our expertise to provide you with the highest quality of services adding value throughout the chain of delivery and putting overarching purpose far beyond profit. Whatever project you want to see come to life, whatever software or web or mobile application you seek to develop, you are putting your project in good hands when you place your trust in InfoMall's technical and project support expertise.

Our Mission

Our commitment to delivering high quality technology services that cut across several business verticals is at the heart of what we do.

What we do

We are a World Class Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Value Added Services (VAS) provider. At InfoMall we focus on developing E-Learning solutions using advanced technology to further the reduction in illiteracy as well as improve engagement and interaction in the process of learning. We serve corporate organizations, Government MDAs and the general public.

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