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Okoroafor Joseph

Technology | Tuesday, December 3, 2019



CALLER RING BACK TUNES (CRBTs)                                                        

You remember the days of boring dial tones. Some persons still use those today for reasons best known to them. Some of us, however, are entertained to some of our friends’ tunes when we call them and are sometimes carried away by it that we ‘beg’ them to have allowed us savour such tunes longer.

CRBTs have been one of the biggest hits in the VAS industry because they not only connect with a friend’s desire to save you the trouble of the dial tone but also how they wish you connect with them.

There are different contents out there available as tunes you could select from, yet you choose one and stick to it, most times due to its message or its meaning or maybe the season.

I personally love the Old Rugged Cross tune whenever I call my friends, especially during the Lenten season. This tune was performed by Angelo Ekum, MUSON graduate of Music and hit home while we awaited Easter Morning for those forty long days. I also enjoy it out of season too.

There are a couple of others that made my list of favourite VAS products. Find them below and the codes yo


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