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Okoroafor Joseph

Technology | Monday, May 10, 2021

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin set Space Travel for July 20



Jeff Bezos has announced his company has had its target launch of a new rocket company on target for July 20. The company has faced some issues during the past few months with one launch being scrubbed due to a problem with its fuel system, but its founder seems to be confident that they have the right team in place to make history once again. His company is well known for having developed reusable rockets in its history and recently revealed they’ve tested their engines to 48 percent power.


Space travel has been a dream of humanity since before the dawn of man. Ever since Sputnik made us realize that our planet was not the sole centre of the universe, space pioneers have dreamed of going to the stars. For decades, governments and aerospace companies have been working toward sending humans to other worlds. While one company has taken an aggressive approach, another is coming from a completely different direction. Blue Origin, an aerospace company in the U.S. founded by CEO Jeff Bezos, planned to send a person to orbit around the Earth by 2018. They have not been successful but that is about to change with the latest announcement.


The company, founded in 2000, intends to create an open-source spacecraft that would be reusable and cost-effective. Bezos said his company will compete with traditional aerospace contractors like United Launch Alliance (ULA), a partnership between Boeing and Lockheed Martin that launched the last two missions to the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA. However, Blue Origin didn't disclose how much it is investing in its human spaceflight campaign. The plan is highly innovative as Blue Origin is betting on reusable spacecraft technology and guidance systems to launch its passengers into orbit before any other vehicle in space.

Erecting a trip to space, in other words, might not seem like the most profitable business in the world right now. But here’s why you should invest in the industry, reports have it that if Space tourism becomes a billion-dollar industry soon, the biggest companies playing in this space will be worth more than Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon combined.


The New Shepard has carried out over twelve tests including a recent one at the company’s facility somewhere in the Texas Desert. It is yet to launch any with humans onboard. The company will sell its first seats for the Space Tourism ship, which can carry only six passengers at a time, at a live auction in benefit of its foundation “Club for the Future”.


SpaceX, another space exploration business, founded by the second richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has already launched successfully two rockets to space. It is beautiful to see how the number one and number two wealthiest persons alive compete and who wins in the race for the passenger inter-space travel industry. It is expected that some other tech giants join soon.


Google, Apple, are you listening?


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