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Okoroafor Joseph

Technology | Thursday, October 31, 2019



Ian Blair couldn’t be more apt when he started his post on Mobile App download and usage Statistics for Buildfire with the line:

“With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. App usage and smartphone penetration are still growing at a steady rate, without any signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.”

The Mobile App industry is so big that most companies are bending to ensure that their products tap into the huge market already available. If you are second-guessing taking a path into the App Developer journey, maybe you should look at the stat below.

Here are key stats for the mobile App Industry 

1. Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.

2. The Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available for download.

3. There are 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store.

4. 21% of Millennial open an app 50+ times per day.

5. 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day.

6. 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.

7. The average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month.

To tap into the above market you will need to learn how to developa mobile app. If you are already into programming, it means you already know the drill. You are to learn the programming language that appeals to you and then get to work on it.

An App Developer in Nigeria earns upward 350,000 naira per month and in although rare cases with stock options in the product been developed.

There are thousands of apps out ther that make so much money from what they offer. In the App industry the top grossers include the App Development Company that developed the Game ‘Clash of Clans’ with over $1,000,000 monthly revenue followed closely by the Game Candy Crush which earns over $820,000 monthly.

As you grow from a Junior Developer to a more senior role, you will earn upwards 800,000 naira and this could grow to well over 1,500,000 naira.

There are several opportunities in this space and there is always someone looking for someone to help get their ideas live. This means that you almost have no time to stay unemployed. Another perk to being an App developer is that you can earn from multiple jobs. Working two or three projects remotely may see you even as a Junior Developer earn at least 75,000 naira monthly.


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